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Fatherhood vs Finances: A Balancing Act For The Family Man?

For 15 years, I have been a single, divorced father and an entrepreneur. Specifically, a "solo-preneur" meaning I have worked for myself building my own companies. Being 100% responsible for generating an income, and 100% responsible for my role as a father within a split family has been a challenge. Thankfully, I share joint custody with my former spouse, and our now teenage sons live with me 50% of the time. Whether you are divorced, married, or re-married, the balance between financial provider and father is a delicate proposition.

Currently, men must decide how to best support their families. It's weighing options between forwarding your career within the corporate landscape vs. forwarding your role within the family household.

"Men are finding out what women have known for years: that parenting properly will certainly upend your career. For many men, so thoroughly programmed to identify who they are with the work they do, this can seem like an existential threat."

Click the image below for an insightful article by the Guardian exploring dad's masculine role and how easy / hard it is to give up work to become a stay at home dad and what's at stake? Anyone with experience caring for their kids part-time or full-time? If you have ideas and/or comments, please join the conversation.

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