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An in-depth interview with The Founder

My Brothers From Other Mothers,

I believe inside every man lies intrinsic goodness. We are all Brothers! No matter our creed, race, or religion. Make no mistake though; there is a battle raging. It's here! It's now! It's dire! But it's hidden, it's subtle, it's not tangible. There's no physical enemy. It is not a battle against your boss, child, co-worker, ex-spouse, girlfriend, family, or wife. The battle is not of the external, but of the internal. It is a battle against self and it rages inside the hearts and minds of millions of men. You are not alone!   

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​Brett Zachman / Founder of BeMen  

The Evolution of BeMen

In August of 2003, Zach went through separation and divorce and then watched seven of his closest male friends go through it too. This is a life event that tens of millions of men have experienced in America and aboard. For Zach, an over-achiever in all things, he went through 3 of the top 5 most stressful life situations simultaneously ~ he changed his living space (moving out of the family home), he changed his marriage (he and his wife separated), and he changed his career (launching his first company). Essentially, he waded into The Perfect Storm and forgot to stop by WalMart to get a rain coat or umbrella! 

After the survival stage, Zach asked the question, "Where do men go when the crap hits the fan"?! The only answers he found ~ bars or churches. His thought, there should be a place for men to go when they are struggling...

His self-defense mechanism was communication. He opened up to men (and women) about his struggles. He spoke to personal friends. Later, after researching divorce statistics in America, he began chatting with professionals ~ business leaders, community activists, and politicians. He expressed his concern for the staggering statistics and the negative effects created by divorce within the family unit.

First, BeMen was a small gathering of men in Zach's living room. Then, it became a "divorced men's support group". Now, it has evolved into a men's organization focused on building a national non-profit.  

BeMen is determined to alter how society views masculinity. To shift the paradigm from "toxic" to "healthy", BeMen delivers the following elements to its members:

Three Beings

- better relationship with self

- better relationship with loved ones

- better relationship with society

Three Doings

- experiential offline events

- online social media community

- personal growth, self-development, and volunteerism

Five Pillars of Male Wellness

- Emotional Intelligence

- Financial Freedom

- Mental Toughness

- Physical Fitness

- Spiritual Power

BeMen Launches "The Masculine Movement"

So, you are a man; but are you Extraordinary? Be Men's definition of Extraordinary ~ doing the ordinary over, and over, and over until it becomes extraordinary!  Brothers, we know the adages: There is strength in numbers! Steel sharpens steel! But what is the identity of a man today? Who are you? Are you the gentleman, the hero, the warrior? Are you battling issues ~ alcohol, anger, depression, drugs, finances, pornography, relationships, etc.?


You are not alone!

Do you have thoughts of becoming more tomorrow than you are today?  What is your life passion? Are you sharing that passion with yourself, your loved ones, your community, and the world? Be Men is looking for Servant Warriors to change the face of men today as represented in our media and society.

Join BeMen and "Be Come Extraordinary"!

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