Committed to the Cause

Brett "Zach" Zachman


As an Executive VP at Five Rings Financial, Zach is a financial coach teaching primarily middle-income Americans how to build, preserve, and distribute wealth. As a Mentor, he builds other professionals to bring financial education to individuals, families, and small-business owners. As the Founder of BeMen, a non-profit organization dedicated to male-wellness and divorce prevention, Zach is building a community of servant warriors determined to make a positive impact in society. Read his story in:

Ordinary Men, Extraordinary Lives, Defining Moments


Chris Natzke

Advisory Council Member / Vice President

For over four decades, Chris has been a dedicated student and teacher of the martial arts, achieving the rank of 7th Degree Black Belt/Master Instructor, ranking him in the top 1% of all martial artists in the world. Also an accomplished national competitor, Chris won the United States National Taekwondo Championships in 1999.  In 1995, he left a successful career in corporate sales to create his martial arts organization, the Colorado Alliance of Martial Arts (CAMA).  Since that time, the lives of thousands of students (both children and adults) and their families have been positively impacted through his teachings, with over 600 students reaching junior & advanced ranks of Black Belt.

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Greg Dyer

Advisory Council Member

Greg is an Author, Podcaster, Speaker, &  Fitness Entrepreneur
In his 14 years as a personal trainer,and 30+ years as an athlete he has learned to see struggles with weight loss and disease management as a symptom of something else. How we think about ourselves, our bodies and our lives effect everything we experience with our bodies. Greg approaches his coaching from the mindset shift that creates sustainable weight loss and Bliss with our bodies!
Author Of:  Ignite Your Bliss, Fire Up Your Mind/ Body Connection!

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JB Braden

Advisory Council Member

JB is the Owner of Beyond The Field Coaching. He has worked with companies and organizations for over 10 years to help them achieve significant gains in community engagement, team member relationships and leadership potential. He has helped them develop better communication and create confident, empowered cultures. Transforming the atmosphere into a safe and caring environment where they can achieve and thrive!

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Kirk M Samuels

Advisory Council Member

Kirk M Samuels is “The Intimacy Incubator”. He is a gifted speaker and award-winning member of Toastmaster’s International.
For thirty of the first forty years of his life, Kirk was addicted to pornography. Then, after the most significant of breakthroughs, he created a class for men called “Free Indeed”. Kirk’s real, practical experience makes him uniquely qualified to speak about modern addictions and relationships. His book “For Your Eyes Only: The Inside Scoop About Men, Porn, & Marriage” reveals to women how her man can become addicted to her. Kirk is a board member of Step Seven Ministries; has three daughters and a son.

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Jackson James Kubian

Australian Coordinator

Jackson is the CEO of The Zen Archer Collective which is generating high performing conscious business owners, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. He is the Host of Game Changers Live Show. As a Certified Spiral Practitioner, Jackson is committed to leading BeMen in Australia to create a trustworthy container for men to cultivate healthy masculinity. Jackson is a passionate self taught freestyle dancer and rapper.

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Santiago Zachman

High School Coordinator

As a scholar athlete, Santiago is a junior at Grandview H.S. He loves pushing himself in all he does. He is enrolled in AP and Honors courses, performs with the Wind Ensemble as a baritone player, competes on the Varsity Lacrosse Team, and is a member of the National Honor Society. Santiago is helping to develop the BeMenTor program at the high school level to support boys developing into their fullest masculine potential.

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