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Men Serving Men To Build Better Men


This is a time where feminine vs. masculine energy is off-balance, where #MeToo has commenced, where the feminist movement created better equality in the workplace, where the industrial revolution is long dead. We've off-shored/out-sourced the trades, and we're now a mainly "service industry" country. Obviously, we've got issues and men are struggling! 

What if the "Epicenter of Societal Trauma" is ill-health in men? It is not difficult to conclude that child abuse (lack of child support, neglect, emotional, verbal, or physical abuse), self-abuse (alcohol, drugs, pornography), and spousal abuse (from #MeToo to domestic violence), many times stem from the roots of an unhealthy man.

We live in a cause-effect world and surrounding that effect is a negative symptom. We as human beings are compassionate and empathetic creatures. We don't enjoy needless suffering. Therefore, we created the non-profit model of philanthropy. Non-Profit 101 is this. Pick a negative symptom you dislike, now develop a service to mitigate that symptom, then build an efficient economic model for delivering that service (e.g. give us $1.00 and $0.85 goes towards decreasing world hunger). This is a commendable endeavor. However, if we never track the negative symptom back to it's root cause, then you simply treat the symptom forever. It never stops. 

In the area of philanthropy, we have determined two primary categories of need - women and children. But what about men?

By redefining what it means to be a man, by re-engaging men within their bodies, minds, and souls, by supporting men to become better tomorrow than they are today; we create a positive ripple throughout society that is immeasurable! For every one man who is healthier inside, there is at least one woman who is physically safer!


1 in 5 men develop alcohol dependency

1 in 3 women worldwide have experienced physical or sexual partner violence   (CNN Library, June 2018, from the United Nations)

1 in 4 children are growing up with no active involvement with their biological fathers   (Nat'l Fatherhood Initiative / 2017 Census Bureau)

Divorced men suffer suicide rates 2-3 times greater than married men    ( / Nat'l Institute for Healthcare Research)

Suicide is now the 2nd leading cause of death in boys/men ages 10-34


BeMen is a "call to action" to reach millions of men suffering from wellness issues - whether emotional, financial, mental, physical, or spiritual. BeMen supports men shifting their paradigm from negative to positive empowering them to change their lives. This shift creates a healthier relationship with self, which leads to quality relationships with loved ones, and finally a better relationship with community and society!


Phase 1 - Awareness

Above, we delineated the struggles men are facing here in America and abroad. Be it in the secular, spiritual, or vocational realms.

Creating awareness that all men deserve our compassion, empathy, and support is the first building block.


Phase 2 - The Masculine Movement

After awareness comes action. Life is like the two sides of a coin; the first side is awareness, and the second side is action. We aren't human doings, we are human beings. First comes 'being' which is 'awareness', then comes 'doing' which is 'action'. Phase 2 is developing an army of Servant Warriors prepared to forever change the landscape of masculinity. By servant, BeMen means humility. Men ready to serve. First, be of service to your own well-being. Then, be of service to others. Men were built to be providers and protectors. By warrior, BeMen seeks those men courageous enough to find their passion in life, and then fiercely determined to live out that passion!


Phase 3 - The BeMen Institute

After conquering our inner selves (the ego) and shifting the landscape of masculinity from "toxic" to "healthy", then comes building the first-ever BeMen Institute. This is not a church, nor a college, but a place of learning, where men serve men to build better men. A site where you can find a Christian men's bible study in one room while a bunch of men are studying the Koran in another room. Where a Tai Chi class is being conducted on the back lawn, while a bunch of men are learning to rock climb in the gym. Where a culinary arts class is going on in the kitchen, while a communications workshop is being hosted in the auditorium.


This is a place whereby generational modeling, boys and men of all ages are given the proper "BeMen ToolBelt" to succeed in life. Where the life skills we did not learn in the home (because our fathers didn't know any better), nor in school (they taught us reading, writing, and arithmetic), are given to us. A place where men of all ethnicities, nationalities, socio-economic backgrounds and religions are welcome.

A community of like-minded, extraordinary men making a positive impact on society!

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