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The Ultimate Measure Of A Man

We can define the measure of a man in several different ways, but one thing is for sure. In the face of adversity, the true worth of each person comes out. When times are easy, we tend to put our lives on "cruise control". When the going gets tough, those are the times when heroes emerge! So, how about for you men.

When times get tough do you press forward, do you step-up, or do you "turtle" (hide in your shell)? As in the movie Gladiator, when Maximus takes of his helmet in the arena and offers up his name. How many of us wake up every morning convinced we will behave like Maximus today? Then, how many of us by the end of the day, must admit to ourselves that we feel more like Commodus?

Join The Brotherhood and find your true self!

Your Bro, Zach

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