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The Strength of a Smiling Face

Real men always have a smile on their face, even if they are in trouble. The smile doesn't necessarily mean they're happy. They are focusing their energy and making their countenance brave in order to overcome the situation!

Brothers, this posting is not about "fake it 'til you make it". That is inauthentic bullshit. In addition, this posting is neither about "stuffing" our true emotions. Again this places us into a pseudo-reality, where you become insincere. Lastly, this is not about "stoicism"; a blast back to ancient philosophies during the Greek and Roman era. Rather, this is the notion you are in command of your emotions, you are the master of your ship, and you are the dictator of your destiny!

Join The Brotherhood and let BeMen's encouragement and support in the face of challenges put a smile on your face!

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