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Empathy: Humanity's Secret Ingredient

In the wake of the high school shooting in Florida, it is appropriate this week's encouraging word for BeMen is "Empathy". In a world of hyper-journalism, where the distinction between marketing and news becomes fuzzy; are we as a society becoming numb to bad news? For those in Colorado, we know all too well the pain that is and will be felt by the community surrounding Stoneman Douglas H.S. The Columbine H.S. incident is remembered by all, still felt by some, and for many creates greater empathy for those now suffering in Florida.

Let's dig deeper and discuss the subtle yet poignant difference between "sympathy" (feeling pity for other's misfortunes) vs. "empathy" (the ability to share another's feelings). Brothers, do not allow the tsunami of news bytes about negative events anesthetize us into a state of perpetual sympathy. Rather, a great book written long ago said "mourn with those who mourn". Please Join The Brotherhood in mourning the precious lives lost in Florida!

When we as men are consumed with our own problems, we become self-centered. This leads to sympathy. A good man feels the pain of others. When he understands another's pain and looks for solutions to relieve their sorrow; he is a good man in the truest sense of the word. Brothers, that is empathy!

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